Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hey guys! Jeff here. I've been playing 40k for about 2 years now, painting for about 7ish. I started with Lord of the Rings : SBG about 7 years ago for my 9th birthday and i've been painting ever since. I was a HUGE fan of 40k for the past year or so untell they got shut down :( sad day. Now i listen to Worlds end Radio and Podhammer. Me and a friend are starting a Podcast here soon (no name, subject, or ideas yet.. but were working on it!). I will be posting all new episode reminders here and pics/video here as well (if we do any :p).
I am currently dipping my toes in the "Warhammer Fantasy, and Battlefleet Gothic pool" testing the waters. My friend and I are going to get the new 8th Ed. box set with Skaven and High elves (im taking skaven) and were giving fantasy a try.
As with the Battlefleet Gothic stuff i got a few ships from the same friend im playing fantasy with. I got: 1 Space Marine Battle Barge, 3 Luner Cruisers, 1 Overlord Cruiser, the Black Fort thingy, 1 Firestorm frigate and 2 others (i forget the name). Now with this i am going for a Blood Angel / Imperial Navy Fleet. I hope to have enough ships soon to have a different fleet for each army.
Now without further ado, PICS! :D

Here is a small group shot.. some missing

Battle Barge WIP ^_^ its the "Bloodcaller"

Overlord I believe.. painted it at a local shop waiting for meh ride (first ever painted)

still WIP :D

this little guy here ;)

DONE :D it looks good IMO for first Big BFG ship (space marine that is :P)

now mind you i have no idea what im doing with these ships.. how to play them.. or what the painting stranded is for BFG any help with that or starting a skaven army would rock ^_^

BTW im picking up a Skaven army book, Lord choice, Doom Wheel, and some paint for meh birthday :D

Until next time,

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